How to use this file exchange forum

Programs, scripts and GUIs shared by EasySpin users

How to use this file exchange forum

Postby Stefan Stoll » Thu Jan 14, 2016 11:35 am

Hi all,

This is a "file exchange" forum that allows you to share your scripts, programs and GUIs with other EasySpin users.

Please adhere to the following when posting your software:
- Pack up all necessary files into a zip file and attach it to your post.
- Give your post a meaningful descriptive title.
- Include a description of the functionality of the sofware in your post.
- If possible, include a version number and a date.
- If you update your script/program/GUI, don't post again, but edit and update your original post.
- Keep an eye on your post and respond to feedback.
- Keep discussion of user-contributed programs in this forum.

Note that the EasySpin developers will not be actively monitoring this forum.

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