Download and requirements

EasySpin comes in a single zip file, containing all toolbox functions and the full documentation.

Visit the EasySpin website for downloading the latest version.

EasySpin requires MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b) or later on either Windows, Linux or Mac. EasySpin does not run on older Matlab versions. Beyond a basic MATLAB installation, no additional MATLAB toolboxes are needed to run EasySpin.

  1. Download and install support software
    A small but critical part of EasySpin is not written in MATLAB, but in C. In order to compile and run this part, some support software has to be installed, depending on the platform.
  2. Download and unpack EasySpin
    Download the EasySpin zip file and unpack it to a folder, e.g., C:\ or /var/myfiles/. Once unpacked, EasySpin is contained in a subfolder of C:\ (or /var/myfiles/ or whatever directory you chose) which in turn contains various subfolders:
    • easyspin-x.y.z/easyspin - all the toolbox functions.
    • easyspin-x.y.z/documentation - documentation, entry point is index.html.
    • easyspin-x.y.z/examples - all examples, grouped into subdirectories.
  3. Tell MATLAB about EasySpin
    Launch MATLAB and go to Home → Set Path (or File → Set Path... in versions prior to R2012b). Remove any folders containing older EasySpin installations from the MATLAB search path. Add the EasySpin subfolder easyspin-x.y.z/easyspin to the MATLAB search path by clicking on "Add Folder...", selecting the easyspin-x.y.z/easyspin subfolder from your new EasySpin directory, and clicking on "Save".
  4. Check and compile EasySpin
    In MATLAB, type easyspin at the command prompt. This will display information about the installed version of EasySpin. Also, it will compile a few files from the easyspin/private folder, if they have not yet been compiled for your platform. Possibly you are asked to select a C compiler. In that case, choose Lcc (Windows 32bit) or gcc (Linux, Mac).
  5. Documentation
    Set up bookmarks for the EasySpin documentation. Online, you can go to to view the online documentation. To view the offline documentation, point your web browser to documentation/index.html in your EasySpin installation directory and bookmark that page.
  1. You may download and use EasySpin free of charge and without any restrictions.
  2. You may copy and distribute verbatim copies of EasySpin.
  3. You may not rent or sell any part of EasySpin.
  4. You may not use or modify EasySpin or a part of it for other software which is not freely available at no cost.
  5. You may not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble EasySpin.
  6. EasySpin comes without warranty of any kind.
  7. If you use results obtained with the help of EasySpin in any scientific publication, cite the appropriate publication.