Data import and export

In order to integrate EasySpin into your research workflow, you need to be able to import experimental data into EasySpin for analysis and simulation, and then possibly export simulated data for further processing or plotting with other applications such as Origin, IgorPro, Excel, and Bruker Xepr.

Here, we look at how you can get your data in and out of EasySpin/Matlab.

Importing data

To import experimental EPR spectral data acquired on commerical spectrometers, use the eprload function. eprload supports a variety of file formats, including those used by Bruker, Active Spectrum, magnettech, Adani and JEOL spectrometers. (Thanks to all these vendors for sharing their file format specification with EasySpin!).

Exporting data

There are several ways to export data from EasySpin and Matlab in file formats that can be read by other applications.