EasySpin functions - Alphabetical List
addnoiseAdd noise to a signal
amuAtomic unit of mass
ang2vecConverts polar angles to cartesian unit vector
angstromMolecular-scale length unit
apowinApodization windows.
avogadroAvogadro constant
barnNuclear quadupole moment unit
basecorrPolynomial baseline correction
blochsteadySteady-state solutions of Bloch equations
bmagnBohr magneton
bohrradBohr radius
boltzmBoltzmann constant
cgmatrixTransformation between uncoupled and coupled representations
chiliSlow-motional regime cw EPR spectra
clebschgordanClebsch-Gordan coefficients
clightVacuum speed of light
commuteCommutator of two matrices
convspecConvolute spectrum with line shape
curryMagnetometry data
ctafftCross-term averaged FFT
datasmoothMoving averages: smoothing and differentiation
degreeConversion between radians and degrees
derivNumerical differentiation
easyspincompileCompile EasySpin
easyspininfoInformation about EasySpin installation
echargeElementary electric charge
eeintElectron-electron interaction Hamiltonian
eigfieldsResonance fields using eigenfield equation
emassMass of electron
endorfrqENDOR frequencies and amplitudes
eprconvertGraphical frequency/field/g value conversion utility
eprloadRead spectrum files in common EPR data formats
eprsaveSave data in Bruker EPR file format
eps0Electric constant, vacuum permittivity
equivcoupleCoupling of equivalent spins
equivsplitSplitting pattern for equivalent spins
erotComputes rotation matrix from Euler angles
esfitLeast-squares fitting of EPR spectra
eulangEuler angles from rotation matrix
evolveEvolves density matrices in time-domain
evoltElectron volt
ewrlsLeast-squares adaptive filter averaging
exciteprofileCalculate excitation profiles for arbitrary pulses.
exponfitExponential fitting
faradayFaraday constant
fastmotionFast-motion regime line width parameters from rotational correlation time.
fdaxisFrequency domain axis for FFT
fieldmodField modulation of EPR absorption spectra
garlicLiquid-state cw EPR spectra
gaussianGaussian line shape
gfreeg value of the free electron
hartreeAtomic unit of energy
hbarReduced Planck constant
hfineHyperfine interaction Hamiltonian
hilberttransHilbert transform
hsdimState space dimension of a spin system
isotopesA browsable list of isotopes
larmorfrqLarmor frequency of nuclear spins
levelsEnergy levels computation
levelsplotEnergy levels and resonances plot
lorentzianLorentzian line shape
lshapeGeneral line shape function
makespecConstruct spectrum from peak positions and amplitudes
mhz2mtUnit conversion from MHz to mT
molgasMolar gas constant
mt2mhzUnit conversion from mT to MHz
mu0Magnetic constant, vacuum permeability
nmagnNuclear magneton
nmassMass of neutron
nquadNuclear quadrupole interaction Hamiltonian
nnintNuclear-nuclear interaction Hamiltonian
nucabundNatural abundance of nuclear isotopes
nucdataNuclear spin data
nucfrq2dSketch of HYSCORE spectra
nucgvalNuclear g values
nucqmomNuclear electric quadrupole moments
nucspinNuclear spin quantum numbers
nucspinaddAdds a nuclear spin to a spin system
nucspinkeepRemoves nuclear spins from a spin system
nucspinrmvRemoves nuclear spins from a spin system
orca2easyspinImport spin system from ORCA calculation results
oriselOrientation selection
pepperSolid-state cw EPR spectra
planckPlanck constant
plegendreLegendre polynomials and Associated Legendre polynomials
pmassMass of proton
propintCompute pulse propagator
pulseCalculate pulse functions for defined pulse shapes.
rcfiltRC filtering of EPR spectra
rfmixerDigital up- and downconversion
rescaleRescale spectra
resfieldsResonance fields and amplitudes, matrix diagonalization
resfields_perturbResonance fields and amplitudes, perturbation theory
resfreqs_matrixResonance frequencies and amplitudes, matrix diagonalization
resfreqs_perturbResonance frequencies and amplitudes, perturbation theory
resonatorSimulation of/compensation for the resonator transfer function.
resonatorfuncResonator voltage reflection coefficient
rotatecrystalRotate the crystal orientation for single-crystal experiments
rotaxi2matConvert rotation axis plus angle to rotation matrix
rotmat2axiConvert rotation matrix to rotation axis plus angle
rotplaneSet of vectors/orientations in a plane
rydbergRydberg constant
saffronPulse EPR spectra simulation
saltENDOR spectra
shamFull Spin Hamiltonian
sigeqThermal equilibrium density matrix
sopSpin operator matrices
spherharmSpherical harmonics
sphgridTriangular orientational grids
sphrandRandom orientational grids
sphtriTriangulation of orientational grids
spinladderComputes spin Hamiltonians for the manifolds of a spin-coupled pair
spinvecSpin quantum numbers in a spin system
stackplotStacked plot of 1D data
stevExtended Stevens operator matrices
symmSymmetry determination for Spin Hamiltonians
transmitterSimulation of/compensation for transmitter nonlinearity.
vec2angPolar angles from cartesian unit vector
voigtianVoigtian line shape function
wigner3jWigner 3-j symbols
wigner6jWigner 6-j symbols
wignerdWigner D-matrix
zeemanZeeman Hamiltonian
zfieldElectronic zero field interaction Hamiltonian
zfsframesZero-field splitting tensor frames analysis